green beans

Organic Foods that are worth it


Here are organic foods that are worth the money and tips for these foods if you choose not to buy organic



The Food and Drug Administration says that there are more pesticides found on apples then other fruit or vegetable. In one test it showed that were as many as seven chemicals detected on a single apple.

If you choose not to buy organic apples then peel your apple and also look for apples that come from New Zealand as these are treated with half as many pesticides.

Baby Foods

Elson M. Haas, M.D. the author of ‘The Staying Healthy Shopper’s Guide’ says that a child’s immune, nervous and detoxification system are less developed then an adults and are then more susceptible to the effects of pesticides. Baby foods that contain apples, peaches and green beans are treated with chemicals, but you are able to get organic baby foods.

If you choose not to go organic with baby food then make your own puree with organic fruits and veggies.

Butter and Milk

The grains that are consumed by dairy cows are heavily treated with chemicals and still have presence in milk and other dairy products.


Cantaloupes often contain five of the longest lasting chemicals and one of these is dieldrin which is a highly toxic and carcinogenic insecticide. It was however banned in 1974, but residues are still found in soils which is taken up through the roots and absorbed into the edible part of the cantaloupe.

If you choose to go non-organic then you need to thoroughly wash the outside of a melon.


The Environmental Working Group found that cucumbers were second in cancer risk and 12th in most contaminated food.

If you choose to go non-organic then peel the cucumbers as the waxes which are used to make the skin shiny tend to hold chemicals.


Grapes ripen fast and tend to mold and attract insects, this means that growers hit them with multiple applications of various chemicals.

Grapes that are grown domestically usually have fewer chemicals.

Green Beans

There are more than 60 pesticides registered for use on green beans according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Go for fresh beans if you go no organic and wash them well.