Facts about Organic Food


Here are some interesting facts about organic food.


  1. The word organic refers to the way of growing agricultural products or raising livestock. It also involves the processes that are used to uphold the farm and the high set of standards that guarantees certain practices are used in food and non-food products.
  1. There has been widespread encouragement for shoppers to lower their intake of pesticides by buying the 12 most contaminated produce organic.
  1. Animals have to be raised without the use of synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics. Also the feed has to be 100% organic, safe, and clean and they need cage free living in order to be organic.
  1. Foods that have USDA Organic label may have up to 100% organic ingredients included.
  1. Organic farmers will have to utilize insect traps, predator insects, careful crop selection and beneficial microorganisms that will help in controlling pests.
  1. Products that are labeled organic may have a higher price due to the production process.
  1. There are many organic and free-range farms that pack animals together in sheds and lots for profit increase.
  1. There are government standards in place that certify organic foods and these meet the high standard of how the food is grown, handled and processed.
  1. There are products that contain at least 70% organic ingredients might say made with organic ingredients, but do not use the seal.


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