A Simple Guide to Skin Tightening


As we age, our skin stretches and sags to announce to the world that we are getting older. No one likes to broadcast their age, so we turn to skin tightening procedures to help reduce the aged look. Certain skin tightening methods will stimulate our skin to produce fresh collagen and elastins so the cells will heal and plump, thereby reducing any sagging.

Methods of Skin Tightening. With all the advances in cosmetic treatments in the past decades, there are now many different options for tightening skin:
Serums – There are a variety of serums that are intended for topical treatment only.
Radiotherapy – This method, also called radio frequency, uses sound frequencies to provide non-invasive skin tightening. Minimal side effects and limited recovery time make this a popular choice for some.
Focused Ultrasound – This procedure uses ultrasound to focus on cells in the deeper layer of skin to stimulate collagen production. Limited to just the face, neck, and jowls area, this procedure is not FDA approved for other areas of the body.
IPL – This treatment uses a special laser to target the lower layer of skin and cooling gels to keep the surface skin cool. Clinics have used aesthetic equipment for many years with success because it is effective and minimal side effects.
Plastic surgery – This invasive procedure uses medical equipment to cut into and remove excess skin on the body. With hefty side effects, cost, and recovery time, this tends to be a last choice for most patients.

How effective will the treatment be? Just how effective a treatment is depends on several factors – the age of the client, condition of their skin, which treatment method, and technology used.
Age of the client – You can have laser skin therapy at almost any adult age, but it works better using less treatments for anyone under 50 years of age. The older one gets, the more sessions are needed to keep skin looking young.
Condition of the skin – Skin that is well taken care of, rarely exposed to sun, kept hydrated, and has no skin issues is obviously ideal. For skin that is frequently overexposed to the sun and kept in poor condition, it will take a lot more work to correct issues with it.
Treatment methods – Choosing a treatment method is obviously going to play into how effective a treatment can be. Applying a serum as opposed to medical surgery will have spectacularly different results.
Technology – Since cosmetic technology has leapt ahead tremendously in the past few decades, it needs to be noted that clinical treatments will also vary by how old the technology is that they are using on their clients.

How many treatments are required? How loose the skin is, how drastic a result a person is looking for, and which method was used will affect how many treatments are needed. Someone with only the mildest of wrinkles may need just one treatment. Results from plastic surgery may last two to three years. If the wrinkles are moderate, it may take several treatments to reach the results you are looking for.

Keep in mind that no matter which treatment you choose, time has a habit of catching up with all of us. That means that none of the procedures will last forever. You will need to return eventually to erase the wrinkles once again. Only you can decide if the cost is worth looking younger and feeling better or not.

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